Marilyn Nyborg: Bring on the matriarchy |

Marilyn Nyborg: Bring on the matriarchy

Thank you, Don Rogers, for your Nov. 14 column, “Bring on the matriarchy.” I was recently given a wonderful analogy:

After wolves were reintroduce to Yellowstone Park, scientists documented the cascading effects of the return: Elks, bears, wetlands returning, along with the wetland birds, beavers and natural waterways. Overgrazed grasses flourished. All had been suppressed for decades.

Women are the wolves of our time. When women are reintroduced to our natural habitat: coming back into our intuitive creative ways, our heart and soul, our body knowing ways, we will have that cascading impact on our systems, education, economic, food, families with compassion and love.

I would note that matriarchy is NOT the opposite of patriarchy. A different way and style that is inclusive and partnering.

Marilyn Nyborg

Grass Valley

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