Marilyn Chambliss: We need Marty Walters in Congress |

Marilyn Chambliss: We need Marty Walters in Congress

Marty Walters is my choice for U.S. Congress. Because I’m not allowed to post yard signs in my neighborhood, I have decorated the windows of my house with Marty signs. I have stood on street corners waving these signs and sat at a table outside a local bakery to answer questions and promote her.

Never before have I been so actively involved in a candidate’s campaign.

I am convinced that she will be able to beat LaMalfa. She explains so clearly both the issues important to us all and workable solutions to these complex problems. Whether we are visiting casually or I am listening to her as she participates in a forum, I am always newly impressed with her intelligence, her practical experience in the business world, and how well she understands my concerns as a mother and grandmother. She worked in business for 30 years as an environmental scientist, bringing opposing forces together to find solutions. She raised three children in rural Plumas county and understands the challenges of daily life.

Your vote counts. By June 5, please mail your ballot or bring it to the Rood Center or one of the drop-off centers. See

Marilyn Chambliss

Grass Valley

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