Maria Richards: Focus on highly-driven students |

Maria Richards: Focus on highly-driven students

Free college tuition puts all students on a level playing field. However, opportunities like a college education should not be given to everyone on a platter.

It pains me to say this, but many students will just throw the platter away. Taxpayer money should be focused on students who value their college education. Students that study hard and take full advantage of their high school education should be able to afford the public college that offers them the best opportunities. Pell Grants and Cal Grants should be expanded to open doors for more low-income but highly driven students. These are the students whom our government should invest in.

As a rising freshman at Cal Berkeley, I do admit it would be nice to have my college tuition wiped out. It would be nice but not necessary.

For a lot of hard-working students, it is necessary. The government ought to take care of them first.

Maria Richards


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