Margaret Munson: The wall — it’s all about ego |

Margaret Munson: The wall — it’s all about ego

Trump claims, with inaccurate information, that drugs coming over the southern border are the prime reason for building a wall, a wall that most Americans do not want.

The prime reason for the wall is that it is a monument to his arrogance and ego.

The hypocrisy is that he is taking money from drug interdiction and forfeiture programs to fund an inhumane, barbaric program. The vast majority of drugs come into this country in many other ways, including our northern border. In the press conference, Trump showed contempt for the legal process and an obvious belief that he will win in the Supreme Court. Insider information?

He has cost Americans millions with the shutdown, now he will cost us billions unnecessarily. Will he go after disaster funds? Isn’t medical research, affordable housing and education (just a few examples) vastly more important?

Whatever his real height, Trump will always be the midget among American presidents.

Margaret Munson, MSW

Penn Valley

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