Margaret Munson: On unwanted children |

Margaret Munson: On unwanted children

In response to Terry McLaughlin’s column in The Union, I was a medical social worker for 35 years and know what happens to unwanted children. Every incident was brutal and searing.

Even if the fetus feels a tiny amount of pain during an abortion, it is nothing compared to the physical and emotional pain experienced by a child who is not loved, a child who frequently becomes an abuser.

I have never spoken with a pro-life advocate willing to take in a pregnant 15-year-old for four or five years while she completes a high school, finds a job, to saves enough to obtain an apartment and finds affordable child care. And, under the current administration, pregnancy prevention would not be affordable for the vast number of people most needing such help. Why aren’t the same restrictions, be it tax-supported or Hobby Lobby situations, be applied to the purchase of condoms or Viagra ?

Margaret Munson

Penn Valley

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