Margaret Arroyo: I’m voting for Foster |

Margaret Arroyo: I’m voting for Foster

I’ve lived and worked as a teacher in Nevada County since 1981. I’ve resided in Grass Valley since 2003, and participate in a “neighborhood watch” program that John Foster started.

Chief Foster successfully focused on developing a healthy GVPD culture.

John took the lead in collaborating with the Grass Valley School District in school lock-down drills, and John’s officers visited as guests in our classrooms, which allowed the children to positively connect with officers.

My son struggles with substance abuse, mental illness, and homelessness. John had the forethought to send his staff and officers to the Mental Health De-Escalation training. This respectful, interactive approach is a very important skill. It keeps the residents and officers safe. John assures me that he will pursue this training for his staff and officers as Nevada County Sheriff.

Patrol Sergeant Steve Johnson was an example, with his respectful reassurance, when my child chose to commit a crime in my neighborhood. Since then I have had to call GVPD, on occasion, and they always have carried out their tasks with fairness.

John is endorsed by Grass Valley, Nevada City, and Truckee Police Officer associations.

I enthusiastically endorse him as well.

Margaret Arroyo

Grass Valley

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