Marcia Winborne-Craven: Interpreting the news |

Marcia Winborne-Craven: Interpreting the news

In his “Other Voices”, I would agree with Chuck Frank if it was 100 or even 50 years ago, when the press reported real (not fake) news and actually worked to uncover corruption, including the political kind.

But now with very few exceptions, what we get from the mainstream media is their slanted interpretations of anything they do print and they totally ignore anything that doesn’t agree with their agenda. If the news organizations actually just reported the news instead of their political slant, I doubt the Department of Homeland Security would be doing anything to investigate them.

Oh for the days when they just reported the news, but not now, and that includes many of the so-called TV “newscasters,” who also add their interpretation and political agenda. At least some of them are honest enough to call themselves “commentators,” because that’s what they are.

I, for one, do not need their interpretations of the news.

Marcia Winborne-Graven

Lake of the Pines

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