Magdalene Jaeckel: A comfort amid tragedy |

Magdalene Jaeckel: A comfort amid tragedy

I am touched by the many stories of tragedy and heroism in the disastrous fires of recent weeks. The man who drove through a fire wall and made it, his house being saved and getting help from brave neighbors and the tree cutters who worked for nothing!

The one that touched me most is the one about several old couples who died in the fire, because they could not get away fast enough. Being very old myself, I put myself in their shoes. Of course, I would be terribly frightened and would hope that there was somebody to rescue me. On the other hand, I think it would be worse to survive the fire and have no home to return to, weeks to find another home. After the shock of burning I would cross to the “other side,” where there is peace and love and no more suffering.

I have read thousands of accounts of near death experiences, and I have a firm belief that you go into a better world.

This thought comforts me for these old people who have died in the fire.

Magdalene Jaeckel​

Grass Valley

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