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Lorraine Webb: Open letter to Nevada County

I’m witnessing a divided populace identifying with personally conditioned lines of fear-induced propaganda (from both left and right) that are taking sway over our basic human concern and respect for our neighbors.

I observe this as especially true when our unconscious conditioning is generations in the making.

I’ve had my ears tuned to the political vagaries of this dear place since 1980, and do see that now, more than ever, it is imperative that we listen to one another. And that may mean listening in to one-another’s deeply-held propagandas … even if only to better understand our (seemingly inane and/or mentally-challenged?) “opponents.”

I will not be characterized as an “anti-vaxxer.” And I am extremely alarmed at the rampant currently mandated childhood vaccination schedule, and the too-early timing of these potent pathogens impacting children’s developing immune systems. I am especially incensed at the proved corporate infiltration of the Center for Disease Control’s “studies” by the corrupted (and now legally-protected) pharmaceutical industry giants.

As a mother, I’m asking everyone I can reach through the well-funded algorithmic censorship campaign, to attend to the upcoming screening of the film, “Vaxxed II” at 6 p.m. on Dec. 9 at the Nevada Theater in Nevada City.

Loraine Webb

Nevada City

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