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Lorie Straka: Facts matter

Lorie Straka

Thank you, Pete Sabey (Other Voices, The War on Truth) for writing down the words that were bouncing around in my head. Like other letter writers lately, I was a life-long registered Republican until 2016, when all the GOP had to offer was a vulgar, sexist, emotionally stunted, narcissistic mob boss wannabe. Some of us saw this coming. Others, like Thea Hood, still desperately cling to her “alternative facts.”

Facts are backed by reliable evidence. That’s what makes it a fact. You would think that someone on an editorial board would want to keep themselves up to date on the facts. Instead we get comments about one-sided views, the sham committee, and political theater. The committee makeup doesn’t matter. The facts matter. And the facts are coming out of the mouths of Republicans, not Democrats.

No one is holding a gun to their heads to make them lie under oath. They are stating the facts as they saw, heard and participated in them. It’s time for the Trump cult to think for themselves. Cult leaders don’t usually take good care of their followers. Spit out the Kool-Aid and in the words of my latest favorite bumper sticker: “Think. It isn’t illegal … yet.”

Lorie Straka

Grass Valley


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