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Lori Martin: Pay attention to the roads

Bringing more responsible, safe and sober drivers on the roads is my goal. For years, I made people aware in newspapers and speeches how my life changed after a drunken driver hit me 25 years ago.

I was 16 then. I urge all to have a sober driver if drinking and some are listening. Thank you.

A new threat on the roads: cellphones. I see people on them everywhere like in stores, restaurants and even vehicles. Drivers are distracted in numerous ways, but cellphone usage takes the cake. Due to the destructive fire in California, many hazards are around. Drivers through these regions must pay full attention to the roads and surroundings. Cellphone use destroys that.

Driving with a cellphone is like driving drunk, if not worse. Looking at the phone for five seconds is similar to driving the length of a football field at 55 mph, blindfolded. Clearly, that is irresponsible and unsafe.

Please, stop your vehicle when using the phone and do not drive drunk.

Lori Martin

Tracy, Calif.

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