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Lorence Anderson: Allegations against Newell cannot be ignored

Given their nature, the mere existence of the allegations against our District Attorney, Mr. Cliff Newell, are frightening.

I acknowledge and cherish the idea that an individual is innocent until proven guilty. However, the case concerning Mr. Newell involves two characteristics which make it exempt from that admirable notion.

Firstly, the allegations concern Mr. Newell’s office signing off on search warrants containing falsified information. Such an alleged offense involving the misrepresentation of facts reflects poorly on Mr. Newell’s moral turpitude and forces his constituents to question its condition.

Secondly, Mr. Newell is our county’s top law enforcement agent and as such he is to be held to a higher ethical standard than the general public. In being elected DA, the voters of Nevada County were tacitly asked to believe that Mr. Newell was a trustworthy and honest lawyer.

These allegations, as claimed by Mr. Jennings (a 30-year prosecutor), and corroborated by several local defense attorneys, show us that those beliefs are in doubt. Because Mr. Newell is an elected official whose position as DA is based upon the trustworthiness and honesty of his character, and the allegations against him concern his moral turpitude, the burden is on Mr. Newell to prove to us that he is innocent of these disturbing allegations.

Until Mr. Newell dispels these accusations, his reputation is so tarnished that he is no longer fit to serve as DA of this great county. Elect Mr. Jennings!

Lorence C. Anderson

Grass Valley

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