Charles Wilder: Lock him up |

Charles Wilder: Lock him up

Regarding Manny Montes’ Other Voices column, “Disregard for Ethical Behavior,” while Trump administration officials (and friends) run for the door, get thrown out, or go to jail, journalists are murdered, Bolton and Pompeo are lying us into war with Iran, Trump wants to keep coal burning power plants open, yet another woman claims rape (I’ve lost count now — 21?), the country is run on calls from talking heads on Trump TV (Fox), everyone who doesn’t agree is a liar or worse, and to this day Ivanka and (Russia’s back door communications director) Jared Kushner are still using private servers inside the White House.

When someone has a fixation on another person, or, in this case, two people, and cannot move past their hatred and rage, it’s a good sign that such a person is in need of professional assistance. Trump has passed on his mental fixations to the whole Republican party, forcing his base to allow Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to live rent free inside their collective head instead of focusing on the real issues that need attention in our country. I have a postmodernism chant for you, Lock Trump Up!

Charles Wilder

Nevada City

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