Lisa Thane: Dan Miller, a man of integrity and honesty |

Lisa Thane: Dan Miller, a man of integrity and honesty

Mark Johnson (not the former Grass Valley mayor), whose Other Voices appeared in The Union on April 5, needs to get his facts straight.

First of all, $70,000 in taxpayer dollars was not wasted on Measure W. Measure W was put on the ballot at the request of the growers and the cost was zero, $0. It was Measure S, a growers’ initiative, that was a test case for statewide promotion of medical marijuana while not addressing the concerns of local citizens, that cost $70,000.

Secondly, his statement “$140,000 thrown out the window for the Community Advisory Group” is ludicrous. The CAG was also requested by the growers to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on a permanent ordinance. The $140,000 was spent on a consultant who was hired to work with the group but who could not get them to come to a consensus.

So the way I see it, the Board of Supervisors is doing all it can to accommodate the demands of the growers, and that costs money.

I believe Dan Miller has been fiscally responsible, concerned about the citizens he represents, and has performed his duties as supervisor with integrity and honesty.

Lisa Thane

Grass Valley

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