Lisa Schliff: We can’t escape housing crisis |

Lisa Schliff: We can’t escape housing crisis

Nevada County hasn’t escaped the American housing crisis. Since 1960, renters’ median earnings throughout the nation have gone up 5 percent while rents have risen by 61 percent. Workers earning the prevailing minimum wage can’t afford a two-bedroom apartment anywhere in America.

Across the U.S., there is a shortage of seven million rental homes for very low-income renters. Three out of four eligible low-income households are denied Federal Housing Assistance.

However, there are solutions to the housing crisis. One idea is to create a renters’ tax credit. Currently, the tax code invests billions in helping homeowners, but renters are left out. With a renters’ credit, low-income renters would get a tax credit for rent paid above 30% of their household income. The implications are powerful for low-income families. Money will then be available for more food, medications, transportation, school costs and other vital needs for day-to-day living.

Now is the time to call or email our members of Congress and let him know that the renter’s tax credit will make a difference in the lives of people in our area. We can advocate for them by making our voices heard by our elected officials.

Lisa B. Schliff

Grass Valley

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