Lisa Dana: This is my dad |

Lisa Dana: This is my dad

I am so grateful I was born and raised in the wonderful community of Grass Valley. Growing up in a small town certainly shaped me into who I am today.

In addition, there was one strong individual in my life who had a very important influence and that is my step-father, Dan Miller.

It is scary to even think about the direction my life may have taken if Dan had not entered my life at the age of 12. Trust me, it was not an easy task for Dan to win me over initially, but once I realized that he loved my mom, and that he was going to be there for my sister and me, to lead and guide us down the best path, I learned to trust that he would follow through with his commitment to our family. He remained true to his word.

My dad’s heart and soul are rooted in Nevada County. His devotion knows no political party boundaries. My dad has the experience, knowledge and courage to make the tough decisions necessary to keep Nevada County a safe place for families to raise their children. Please vote for Dan Miller, Dist. 3 supervisor.

Lisa Dana

Temecula, Calif.

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