Lindy Schasiepen: What every woman wants – her own gym |

Lindy Schasiepen: What every woman wants – her own gym

The holidays are over, parties and feasting forgotten? Sadly the scales tell a different story!

It’s time for that annual ritual the “get back in shape” regimen! So I looked around and found many gym programs and diets available … Cross Fit, Power Pump, Piyo! What would work for me and who would keep me on track? What did I want as a woman who’s competitive athletics were very much in the distant past?

I needed individual instruction, classes, flexible hours to work out, some special certified personal trainers to inspire me and of course great equipment. Some free weights, resistance bands and stability balls would be nice and wouldn’t it be lovely to be in a non judgmental atmosphere? What I needed was a women’s gym!

Luckily I know of Fast and Fit right here in Grass Valley where for 15 years Judi Bannister has been helping people like me become the fit person I used to be and longed to find again. This personal training studio is small, clean and super friendly … fresh flowers and welcomes greet you!

Thank you Judi, Joyce and Tamara … your gym is what every woman wants!

Lindy Schasiepen

Grass Valley

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