Linda Sutter: Re-elect a leader |

Linda Sutter: Re-elect a leader

Leadership is one of those words that everyone has a slightly different take on. How do we define it?

To me it’s the ability to inspire others to achieve shared objectives, and I think the most important word, by far, is to inspire. I think that is the difference between leading and managing.

Cliff Newell, our long-standing district attorney, is a leader. He has the clarity of vision of where he wants to take our community to keep it safe and stable. He also has the courage of his convictions even when things get extremely challenging. Newell’s leadership is what is called for now.

As the election for Nevada County District Attorney approaches, it is imperative that we reinstate Cliff Newell, a self-actualized leader who is not seeking fame and attention by pointing fingers and making accusations as his opponent, Glenn Jennings continues to do.

There are leaders and there are sensationalists; let’s re-elect a leader.

Linda Sutter

Nevada City

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