Linda Schuyler Horning: Enough foolishness |

Linda Schuyler Horning: Enough foolishness

Let’s not kid ourselves. The reason we must vote on Nov. 6 has little to do with how much we like the candidate who will fill a House seat for California Congressional District 1.

Recent revelations about an amoral and unstable man in the White House demands that we do our best to weaken his power before he does any further harm. Any vote in the Democratic column means one less vote for him in Congress and one fewer of a host of sycophants who will support him and his agenda.

It doesn’t hurt that the candidate you will be choosing will represent your interests. Audrey Denney is a woman of principle who runs for this office to end the toxic effect of money in politics. Unlike the incumbent, who retains lucrative farm subsidies for himself and his cronies, Audrey Denney works for us, refusing all corporate PAC money. Her opponent, Doug LaMalfa, gets 58 percent of his campaign finance money from PACs.

So, go to the polls on Nov. 6, or send your ballot in well ahead of time. Vote for Audrey Denney, and send a strong message to Washington that we’ve had enough of their foolishness.

Linda Schuyler Horning

Nevada City

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