Linda McDaniel: Wonderful people in Nevada County |

Linda McDaniel: Wonderful people in Nevada County

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to three considerate people who helped me when my car broke down at the Highway 49 entrance to Alta Sierra.

Harvey, a concerned citizen, who tried expertly to restart my car to no avail. Annie, an off-duty officer with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, who tried desperately to get help even though it was during our PG&E shut down and all personnel were busy. She stayed with me until help arrived in the name of Brady, a tow truck driver for Kilroy’s, who was just passing by. Brady towed my car to a service garage and extended a gracious offer to take me home as well.

I was just overwhelmed by their concern and compassion, and in deep appreciation for all their help. I will always remember you with unsurpassed gratitude. I might add that Tim, the owner of Alta Sierra Automotive, ended up having to install a new engine in my Subaru. Tim was simply a delight to work with and it would be my pleasure to recommend him to anyone.

Linda McDaniel

Grass Valley

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