Linda Jack: Here’s why I’m voting for Marty Walters |

Linda Jack: Here’s why I’m voting for Marty Walters

I recommend Marty Walters as the best candidate to represent California District 1. Here’s why:

Marty will represent the diversity of our large and varied district. So far she has put over 200,000 miles on her car visiting district communities. She understands that our representative must balance the needs of those in the smallest rural communities with those in the largest cities: she has heard those needs directly.

Marty will bring her scientific education and 30 years of experience to bear on local problems. She has creative ideas for leveraging our forests, water, and agriculture to rebuild sectors of our economy that no longer support good jobs or retain families. As a Quincy-based telecommuter, she knows how a lack of broadband service limits the development of so many parts of our rural district.

As important as local issues are, our Representative must also take a role in national and international affairs. Marty has worked abroad, negotiated with foreign business and governments, worked in international banking, and navigated the norms of other countries. I look forward to seeing her on the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Linda Jack

Grass Valley

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