Linda Chaplin: Bah humbug to the naysayers |

Linda Chaplin: Bah humbug to the naysayers

Regarding public university education — contrary to ivory tower elitist claims, I think California’s public universities have a very strong public responsibility ethos.

I certainly felt that as a student many years ago. That it was a privilege to have a higher education, that part of that accomplishment was giving back some of the knowledge gained to the greater community of which the students are a part. Faculty is available to answer queries from any citizen wherever they may live or work. The university has a press that is specifically dedicated to producing works to disseminate advances in knowledge in a more vernacular form, i.e. the expansive list of University of California Press books.

Disparaging higher education is a tired red herring in California. Not to forget that universities have a 1,000-year tradition in western culture. Bah humbug to the naysayers.

Linda Chaplin

Nevada City

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