Light sentence sends wrong message |

Light sentence sends wrong message

Light sentence sends wrong message

This is regarding the article of the home invasion robbery, trial and sentencing of the four to five young men who committed this brutal crime.

The invasion, physical assault was executed to a dear kind neighbor last December during our biggest and only snow storm. The violators beat my neighbor so severely that he has suffered multiple months of surgeries. We are a caring community in my neighborhood where many, including myself would open our door to any who would ask to use the phone or need help.

Assistant Deputy Attorney Anna Ferguson said this should send a “message.” I’m concerned with the outcome and comment of Ferguson with the very light sentences … plea pardoned to barely nothing … sends only one message to people who choose violence: that they will get free room and board. While in prison with even more violent offenders for a year, learn how to be even more violent. Yikes.

These are not “boys” who made a mistake in a moment. They as a group, planned, brought weapons, selected previously a target and executed a brutal crime. They left a human — beaten, unconscious and tied up to die during a snow storm and alone. I am shocked and saddened that this has happened just a few houses away to such a kind person who did nothing to elicit this, except being gracious to his assailants by telling them they could use his phone. Are they “sorry” to the victim of this horrific crime who has been forgotten with this unjust sentence?

This makes me think twice about feeling “safe.” It is not preserving safety but sending a reverse strong contrary message that this is OK.

Margie Plog

Grass Valley

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