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Lew Sitzer: In-depth info on the Centennial Dam

Thank you to the Editorial Board of The Union for calling attention to the issue of the Centennial Dam and the November elections for the NID Board.

More in-depth information on Centennial Dam is available to be viewed anytime on NCTV’s YouTube channel at https://tinyurl.com/NCTV-Centennial. Cable TV subscribers will find a Centennial Dam program playing on Channel 17 every Monday at 7 p.m. between now and election day.

These programs give a comprehensive look at the proposed dam.

Episode 1: Wanda Enos Batchelor and Clyde Prout III, Nisenan.

Episode 2: Shelly Covert, Nisenan and Tom Quinn, U.S. Forest Service, retired.

Episode 3: Melinda Booth and Jenn Tamo, SYCRL.

Episode 4: Rachel Hutchinson and Isaac Silverman, SYCRL.

Episode 5: Nancy Weber, NID Board member and Otis Wollan, American River Watershed Institute.

Episode 6: Nick Wilcox, NID Board member.

Episode 7: Steve Baker, hydrogeologist.

Episode 8: Rem Scherzinger, General Manager, NID.

Episode 9: Round Table on Centennial Dam with Al Dover, Trina Kleist, Eric Tomb and Lew Sitzer.

A panel discussion with all of the NID candidates will be available to view on the station’s website, http://www.nevadacountytv.org by Sept. 30 on its YouTube channel.

Lew Sitzer

Nevada City

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