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Len Brackett: An open letter to Doug LaMalfa and Megan Dahle

Recently on the streets of Portland we have seen something I hoped this country would never have to witness. Innocent people, sometimes miles from any demonstration which in most cases were not violent, were pulled off the street by unidentifiable paramilitary, anonymous with no badges, and thrown into unmarked vans and taken to secret locations where they were photographed and their particulars were taken down.

Those who were released were given no documents explaining who arrested them, what they were arrested for or whether they would be charged. These federal paramilitary forces were sent to Portland by the administration in Washington against the wishes and request of the local police departments, the city council and the Oregon state governor.

What we have seen in Portland is reminiscent of what I would expect to see in places like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, China, Russia and have seen in Nazi Germany. Sadly it would appear that the Republican Party is the party of Mr. Trump who seems unfamiliar with our Constitution and doesn’t appear to care about the Rule of Law. America is not a police state. I cannot believe that we hear nothing from you, our representatives, Megan Dahle and Doug LaMalfa, condemning this kidnapping of innocent people by anonymous SWAT teams of the Department of Homeland Security controlled by the president.

Apparently you are too afraid of Donald Trump or of his supporters to say anything or to decry this blatant trampling of our Constitutional rights by the Trump administration. I would ask you both to condemn this or explain why we hear nothing from you about this. I dare not believe you would defend it.

Len Brackett lives in Nevada City.

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