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Legislation that can make progress in reducing air pollution

Thanks for printing the June 19 article from the Associate Press, which reports a new milestone in the steady erosion of meaningful governmental leadership on addressing climate change and air pollution.

EPA Chief Wheeler announced the “Affordable Clean Air Plan,” which will open more coal powered plants and add to declining progress on air quality. “There were 15% more days with unhealthful air 2017-2018 than on average from 2013 through 2016, the four years when America had its fewest number of those days since 1980.”

No one should doubt that now the stakes are higher, as this cynical, unpopular action will not only further pollute our air, but also sicken or kill more people. Does your child have asthma or your spouse COPD? Prepare for more trips to the ER and greater physical vulnerability. “Affordable?”

This situation elevates the significance of your support for bipartisan, market-based solutions, such as HR 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. This legislative policy promises real progress in reducing air pollution, potentially saving thousands of lives by 2030. To learn more, check out CitizensClimateLobby.org and call the office of our representative to Congress. Talk to your friends and speak out about what is most important to our community’s health.

Brad Miller, MD

Nevada City

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