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Lee Zasloff: Hodge brings a fresh perspective

In addition to learning the views of candidates on many issues, candidate forums provide a window into the character and integrity of those running for office.

This was certainly the case at the Nevada County Board of Supervisors’ forum last Thursday. Hilary Hodge was a poised and dignified presence while Dan Miller used every question, not to demonstrate his knowledge and accomplishments, but as opportunities to take potshots and hurl insults aimed at discrediting Hilary. His jab that she is uninformed drew a collective boo from the audience. Is this the kind of person we can trust to bring diverse groups of people together to solve problems and move this community forward?

His 27 years in public office are exactly the reason he needs to go. He stated up front that he doesn’t know what Hilary means by a “fresh perspective” because he doesn’t have one. Hilary is not only well-informed with many impressive accomplishments, but she brings passion, integrity, and yes — the fresh perspective we need.

Vote for Hilary Hodge.

Lee Zasloff

Grass Valley

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