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Lee Zasloff: Betancourt for Assembly

About three weeks ago, I answered my phone and a young man asked if I would answer some questions about the special election. Within a few minutes, it became crystal clear that this “survey” was Megan Dahle’s smear campaign against Elizabeth Betancourt.

Since she has no real qualifications, Dahle must believe that her only chance of winning is to resort to sleazy tactics, spreading lies about her opponent. Did Betancourt respond with her own negative campaign to discredit Dahle? No, because unlike Megan Dahle, Elizabeth Betancourt is a woman of integrity.

Unlike Dahle, Betancourt has outstanding qualifications. Along with science degrees from Colorado State University and UC Davis, she has two decades of experience at all levels of government and the private sector providing leadership in forest and water management while working with diverse groups including Native Americans, environmentalists, and the timber industry.

Betancourt will make sure that our tax dollars are used wisely to serve the needs of our rural communities – not just the needs of one party or certain constituents but the needs of all.

On Nov. 5, we have an important choice. I urge you to choose knowledge, experience, and integrity. Choose Elizabeth Betancourt for Assembly.

Lee Zasloff

Grass Valley

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