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Lee Ridenour: Give Trump a chance

First off, this will probably never see the printing because I think that it will offend some.

With all that being said, and the actions of people, the spewing of hate and foul language being thrown around just because someone does not think and feel the same as you or I.

Would you do that to a loved one? Would you treat your spouse like that or your parents what about your grandparents?

All I am saying is like our president or not, he really isn’t the enemy. He is trying to follow through with his word. Which if you take time and look back at all the presidents of past, this is one guy that is following through with his campaign promises. Everybody seems to think he is against immigration; he really isn’t. He just wants immigrants to do it right and not just demand that they deserve to be here; they really don’t. All he is saying is do it legally.

If those that are raising all the ruckus were to try to cross into Canada or Mexico without the proper papers, you would be breaking their laws and be in jail in Mexico and maybe even Canada, too. Not to mention if you was to try it in another part of the world where we have had our citizens locked up for being at the wrong spot at the wrong time.

All I ask is give the man a chance. If he fails or if he succeeds will be proven in time.

Lee Ridenour

Nevada City

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