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Lee-Marie Hotchkiss: Northern Queen no longer my home

Thank you for your recent article on the seniors who once called Northern Queen home — I was one of those living there.

Granted, I was the youngest one there at 66, but when I moved there I most certainly needed the promised security offered. Sadly the security cameras never worked and it is true the promised on-site manager was absent after two years. I was thrown up against a wall there and spit on by a guest staying at one of the chalets. Nothing was done.

Yes, it is all in the past and I try to keep in touch with those I considered family from Northern Queen, but we all have felt the trauma of getting a notice to leave so close to Christmas — especially after being told in October of the same year we could stay as long as we wanted. The whole process of what happened to us is tragic — we all lost our family and that can never be set right.

One response to your article, it stated the landlord should not have to help seniors find other places to live — I suppose that would be true if our contracts had been honored with the promises of good food (it wasn’t) security, and rent that raised for some and not for others and so on. I still say the whole process was cruel to all of us.

Lee-Marie Hotchkiss

Nevada County

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