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Leah Schwinn: Change the majority

I think The Union Editorial Board’s “Our View” Nov. 23 column is way off base.

You blame the Nevada City mayor, Reinette Senum, for the chaos at the City Council. You say the city needs strong leadership that has the community’s best interests in mind and takes action to ensure its goals. You criticize the mayor for going against the majority. What if the majority doesn’t appear to have the community’s best interest in mind and is not ensuring its stated goal to improve safety and security of city residents and visitors?

If the majority’s concern was that the mayor spoke publicly without making it clear that she didn’t reflect the majority opinion, why did they begin with a public motion to remove the mayor from her position, instead of speaking to her in private about it?

I agree that one could blame the Council for this imbroglio, but not because they passed the mayorship to Ms. Senum, but because they acted without civility and decorum. I do agree with the title of your editorial piece, “Nevada City needs course correction.”

I suggest the people of Nevada City get out the vote to change the majority.

Leah Schwinn

Grass Valley

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