Lawrence Gold: Careful with what you read on the opinion page |

Lawrence Gold: Careful with what you read on the opinion page

Regarding the column, “Can you be allergic to yourself?” by Harvey Bigelsen, M.D., The Union’s editorial page is a forum for opinions, some well-thought-out, and some less so. When opinions include “facts” the newspaper takes on additional responsibilities.

Newspapers and those enjoying the respect that comes with the label, M.D. carry the imprimatur of truth and require additional care. Just as we’re warned not to believe much of what we read on the internet, so too of the editorial page. Conspiracy theories abound in our culture, but to disbelieve the mass of scientific study suggests paranoia.

I’m no apologist for drug companies, but do we really believe that they are keeping us sick to make money? Do we believe that manufacturers are withholding the shaving blade that will last forever? And, is Elvis really dead?

Is medical care perfect? Of course not. If not always cured, are not patients helped by modern medicine? You bet. Why are many effective modern medications aimed at the immune system?

I don’t know Dr. Bigelsen, but from the testimony of his patients he’s a kind and caring physician, but his ideas and his practice …

Andrew Weil, M.D., the guru for alternative medicine, said, “Darkfield microscopy combined with live blood analysis may sound like cutting edge science, but it is old-fashioned hokum. Don’t buy into it.”

Lawrence Gold, M.D.

Grass Valley

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