Laurent Clark: Independence from that yoke |

Laurent Clark: Independence from that yoke


On July 13 The Union printed an Other Voices column concerning the timing of the Fourth of July parade in Grass Valley. The writer went on at length of how the city and Chamber of Commerce, by setting the parade time at 9 a.m., “forced” the church going citizens to choose between worshiping their god and attending the parade. She might have stopped there but she had already crossed the line.

Then she sermonized her religious opinion that “patriotism is a virtue and that if we don’t show our collective love of God, we no longer have love of country.”

That is quite a pontification for one who promotes a religion that excludes or marginalizes many other religions and condemns those who prefer no religion at all. Finally, she infers that those who don’t ascribe to her religious views on society are moving the country toward “totalitarianism with no individual freedoms.”

She fails to grasp that this is exactly what allowing any religion to dominate the government will result in, an oppressive theocracy. In short, society is not required to bow to the civic demands of any religion.

Perhaps, the parade was set for 9 a.m. because of the weather? She therefore could have discarded her preaching, joined the Independence Day parade and said a prayer of thanks to her God that it wasn’t held in the heat of the day.

Others could have celebrated the fact that independence includes being free from the yoke of organized religion.

Laurent Clark

Penn Valley

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