Larry & Terry Cloney: Why not show ‘Unplanned,’ the movie, in Nevada County? |

Larry & Terry Cloney: Why not show ‘Unplanned,’ the movie, in Nevada County?

Why is the movie “Unplanned” not being shown in the theaters of our community?

“Unplanned” is a documentary movie about Abby Johnson who was a manager of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas for eight years. She tells the story of her experience in a book that was so popular it was made into a movie. The movie was anticipated nationwide, and also by our community.

The people here are always being challenged to “shop local” and “buy local,” but some of us had to go to Yuba City or Roseville to see the movie, and some even went twice. Many calls were made to the local business office of the theaters here, but were told the office was waiting to see how it did in receipts. On the first weekend, nationwide, it was number four in receipts.

It seems that some movies are not shown here because the content may be unpopular to a certain segment. This appears to be the case for “Unplanned.” Nevertheless, there still is a large segment of our local population who want to see it.

In the future, some of our population may just take their “money” elsewhere.

Larry and Terry Cloney

Penn Valley

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