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Kurt Reynolds: Which president has trouble with the truth?

Oh dear Lord, what is wrong with the dictator, emperor, king, president?

Has he no morals, no decency, or does he just do what he wants to and lie about everything?

He and his incompetent secretary of state get an ambassador killed, and lies about a YouTube video being responsible, then sends his minions to spread that lie to the Kool-Aid drinking media. He arms Mexico’s organized crime with guns, one of which is used to kill a border agent.

He does something with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for some supposedly wonderful solar company (Solyndra?). Where did that money really go Mr. President? He tells America, “If you like your doctor plan you keep them.” Also, are you trying to be a bad influence on children, or just help big tobacco by smoking? (I quit for good 10 years ago.)

Oh, wait a minute that was President Obama responsible for such a deplorable, dregs of the earth administration, but at least he’s cool and very articulate. And intelligent and well educated.

President Trump must be a Russian agent because only a Russian agent might say “The 1980s called they want their foreign policy back.”

Kurt A. Reynolds


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