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Kurt Reynolds: When will enough be enough?

Whatever your reason for protesting Trump actually enforcing immigration laws and wanting to secure the border, there are many reasons for outrage.

Some people want a porous border because they use or make money from illegal drugs. Some rely on hard workers who work for low wages. Some want voters and would-be voters. Some need housekeepers and child care. Some want cheaper firewood.

Some, and although I am disgusted by it, people want a low-cost “companion” — one who is brainwashed into thinking that “escape from traffickers might mean the Nazi President Trump will put you in a child-prison camp or onto child inmate bus, as shown on lamestream media. Those who pay for a person don’t want that person running away, and human traffickers know that.

Please for the love of God, can we please stop comparing the Trump administration — and customs, immigration and border agents — to Nazis? Stop the dysfunction.

The harassing of public officials or cabinet members, at the urging of Rep. Maxine Waters, is dangerous. If something horrific happens again, such as a shooting at a congressional softball game, I doubt Maxine Waters will bear her share of the blame.

When will enough be enough?

Kurt Reynolds


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