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Kurt Reynolds: My hits and misses

Miss: To Trump’s claims of election fraud that are proven false. Miss: To Trump’s claims of election fraud that are proven true. Hit: To Don Rogers’ journalistic honesty. During our latest phone conversation (about my last letter) Don said, “There’s fraud in every election.” That’s true and needs to stop. Hit: To Don, in another conversation, Don said, “I’m not non-partisan, I’m anti-partisan.” Printing all sides of issues is proof of that. Miss: To David’s column, “FOX News will sicken you.“ If the truth, facts and clear separation of facts from opinions sickens you, you’re right. The number of viewers is the proof. Miss: To the Republican disguising, asking for money with endless polls and surveys. Miss: To Ron Lowe’s letter (Oct. 27) ”Marching in lockstep.” Ron has marched loyally behind cult-like party leader Barack Obama for years. His letter describes the Democrats perfectly. Hit: To the positive feedback I get from the community when I wear my “All Lives Matter” and “China Loves Biden” shirts. Seems to be some voter’s remorse going around. Miss: To California. Voters not even wanting to try and reduce homelessness, gas prices crime by ousting an incomplete Gov. Newsom. Hit: To Kmart and staff for being there as long as I’ve been here (30 plus years). Thank you so much, you’ll be missed. Hit: To the fact that all lives matter.

Kurt Reynolds


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