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Kurt Reynolds: I saw the madness long ago


I hope everyone had a wonderful, all-inclusive, nobody-felt-left-out, non-denominational, non-offensive, generic holiday.

As always, I choose and write only facts, so here are some more facts that Ron Lowe (“We chose love”) and others voted for in their letters to the editor.

You voted for the administration responsible for the safety (or lack of) for our own homegrown ambassador, Chris Stevens, the same people who gave us the unforgivable lie about the YouTube video. You voted for the man and the woman who sent millions of crackheads to jail, then had his own crackhead son go to adversary and communist countries, complete with bogus jobs, and get paid millions, and for what, exactly, Mr. Biden and son?

You voted for a party that chased a phantom impeachment trial destined for the trash heap from the start instead of focusing on COVID-19. That is a fact.

It is my opinion based on the facts that China is getting their money’s worth out of the entire Democratic Party (how’s your hot Chinese “girlfriend,” Rep. Swallwell? How could you not know she was a spy?)

The most hypocritical thing you voted for was after four years of false accusations of racism, even white supremacy, you voted for a man who no doubt invented a fictional gang member and gave him the name “Corn Pop.“ From my own time in jail, I’ve known Crips, Bloods, Nortenos, Surenos, Aryan Brotherhood, and not one would be caught dead with the name ”Corn Pop.” C’mon man.

But most vile and disgusting of all, Joe Biden spoke of the funeral of Gran Cyclops Klansman and white supremacist Robert Byrd, speaking in glowing praise saying “Senator Robert A. Byrd elevated the Senate!” To what, Mr. Biden? Racism and white supremacy? Unforgivable, and that is what you chose, Mr. Lowe and everyone else.

Do yourself a favor and review all 18 of my previous submissions. I’ve seen all the madness coming from a long way off. Be careful what you wish for, America, you just might get it. Remember, all lives matter.

Kurt Reynolds


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