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Kurt Lorenz: The high cost of the Centennial Dam

We all have to learn to live within our means, at the personal level as well as the water district level.

NID is proposing an unbelievable boondoggle waste of ratepayer’s money. Ag clients of NID should be up in arms opposing the Centennial Dam, and maybe they would be if they understood. Wake up folks, and smell the coffee!

NID will tell you that the dam costs somewhere less than $500,000, but that does not include the finance costs that will more than double the cost. Who do you think is going to pay for that? NID ratepayers cannot afford the junk bond interest rates that would be necessary to finance this project, and the only way that the dam could ever be paid for is by selling water south. There goes all that water supporters thought they would get.

The $11 million that might come from the Prop 1 funds is insignificant, one-way or the other. No other state or federal monies are available. It will be on your backs, ratepayers. Don’t be suckered in by this plan.

Let’s fix the leaky 19th century water delivery system instead, and make more careful use of the water we already have.

Kurt Lorenz

Nevada City

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