Kent Treiber: Reject tribal combat |

Kent Treiber: Reject tribal combat

I won’t defend Democrats’ actions on Kavanaugh’s nomination because it was largely tribal, in the two-way warring tribal environment of our Congress.

Jo Ann Rebane’s Oct. 10 column on the subject was pure hypocrisy because any independent observer would know that the Republicans would do exactly the same thing if the roles were reversed. When President Obama nominated Garland for the Supreme Court the Republicans avoided attacking him; their majority in the Senate allowed them to ignore precedent and not give him a hearing at all.

I understand that a Republican government should get a Supreme Court Justice that matches their views. It’s terribly disappointing that expediency led the powers in the Senate to approve a flawed candidate instead of finding one with a judicial temperament and a clean background.

Please, my fellow Americans, reject tribal combat and find a way to work with people of varied opinions to make this country the best it can be.

Kent Treiber

Penn Valley

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