Kent Treiber: How can we minimize risk of E.coli? |

Kent Treiber: How can we minimize risk of E.coli?

I would hope that one of The Union’s objectives would be to inform the public about local issues. There’s an open opportunity for such work around E. coli in local waters, but you’ll need to understand this multi-faceted issue, not just report the comments of a couple of people.

A number of people got very ill due to a nasty strain of E. coli last summer. I’ve discovered since then that most of us are ignorant about the related issues.

I believe the following are important facts. There is almost certainly E. coli in the Yuba River, Truckee River, Deer Creek, Lake Englebright, any ocean beach you visit, as well as Lake Wildwood.

E coli are in the gut of most animals: humans, dogs, cattle, deer, turkeys, geese, etc. All of the waters I mentioned are in the watershed of lands occupied by these animals, thus it’s almost guaranteed that E. coli is in the water.

The EPA has standards for E. coli in recreational water; the standard is well above zero.

So please, help us out on the issue. Verify all the relevant facts; tell us about the risks and how to minimize the risks.

Kent Treiber

Penn Valley

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