Kent Gallagher: Untempered desire for possessions, power |

Kent Gallagher: Untempered desire for possessions, power

“Billionaires Disease,” is unfortunately not just limited to our aristocracy. Plenty of Americans are afflicted.

If untempered desire for possessions and power were not ubiquitous, were not embraced by the rest of us, America could have an animated civilization, possibly even a robust culture, instead of settling for the atrocities of winner-take-all capitalism.

If we were truly inspired by peace, equality and freedom for all we would question our adulation for the wealthy and their baubles. We would not ask the question, “what’s he worth?” and be satisfied with a mere monetary response. Is that the value of a human being? A sane person must ask, “Is this the best we can do?”

I offer a ditty to the tune of Linda Ronstadt’s Poor, Poor Pitiful Me: “Po Po Walmart heirs, work so hard, to get their fair share.”

Time for National Institutes of Health to find a cure for Billionaires Disease. Let’s all pitch in!

Kent Gallagher

Grass Valley

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