Kent Gallagher: Culture wars imported by the media |

Kent Gallagher: Culture wars imported by the media

I’m sad for my country. For its divisions and alleged culture wars. Do we really hate each other in Nevada County? That’s not what I have experienced these past 33 years. This is the one place I’ve lived where I felt at home in an awesome and caring community.

I think the hate and anger have been imported into Nevada County by television, news and social media. If we didn’t voluntarily subject ourselves to the clamor of this national dysfunction — to this pettiness and nonsense — if we weren’t “connected” I think there would be very little divisiveness in the place most of us love and call home.

Our burgeoning nonprofits (a large number per capita) and local government have created a supportive, vibrant community. Do we even need labels like Republican, Democrat, capitalist, socialist? These are very simplistic boxes.

California has been intelligent enough to provide for non-partisan elections for the Board of Supervisors to help minimize local conflict and knee-jerk voting. Generally what I’ve experienced as a commercial property and business owner in Nevada County is a generosity of spirit with the businesses and contractors I rely on daily. I don’t experience people here as greedy, selfish or hateful.

We sell ourselves short in Nevada County by buying into the greed and corruption in the financial markets and the pettiness and intentional manipulation in national politics. Too many Americans are controlled by fear and it’s destroying our national fiber. We are all Americans. It pains me to see Nevada County buy into America’s dysfunction. Aren’t we worth more than this as a community?

Kent Gallagher

Grass Valley

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