Ken Treiber: Let’s try respect |

Ken Treiber: Let’s try respect

I liked a lot of what Brian Hamilton had to say on Nov. 15. We, as Americans of varying views, can do better in identifying and solving the big problems that face us.

I have a number of friends and acquaintances that I like and respect, but that have very different opinions than I do on significant issues. I don’t feel that it is possible to discuss these issues with many of them.

In today’s world where conservative and liberal media manipulate us with anger and fear, opinions tend to be strongly held and defended with strong emotion. Facts don’t matter and disagreement is heresy. This damages us as a people.

I learned about extremism at San Francisco State. The school established a “free speech platform.” It turned out though, that free speech was only for those left of center; all other speakers were shouted down. This is a pattern for extremists, left or right. Their view is all that matters, all that will be tolerated; everybody must toe their line or be run over.

Let us, as citizens, begin talking to each other about issues with respect. Once we can do that, we should be able to force the politicians to do the same. We’ll all be much better off.

Kent Treiber

Penn Valley

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