Ken Davis: Socialism a ‘transition between capitalism and communism’ |

Ken Davis: Socialism a ‘transition between capitalism and communism’

Todd Juvinall’s guest column about Democrat’s “Impeachment” infection is 1000% accurate. The “Democrats” will stop at nothing to remove our constitutionally elected president from office and replace our constitutional republic, our free enterprise capitalism, freedom of speech and religion, to replace it with socialism — as it’s miserable existence is on display, in Venezuela, daily.

A dozen or more of their candidates preach it daily in their efforts to see who can lean farthest to the left without falling over; ignoring the fact that it was their Obama/Clinton agenda that caused enough voters to say “enough” and vote for the only alternative. It is going to happen again!

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary socialism is a “transition between capitalism and communism.”

Ken Davis

Grass Valley

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