Ken and JoAnn Basile: A giving community |

Ken and JoAnn Basile: A giving community

We want to give a big thank you to Twin Cities Church for their evacuation center set up. All the pastors and volunteers were very compassionate, kind and caring for all of us who were evacuated.

We were allowed to stay in their parking lot in our RVs or vehicles for as long as we needed (due to the local fires). The church provided food, beverages, clothing, toiletries, also cots, blankets, pillows, etc. Salvation Army set up in the church parking area and provided all with three hot meals daily. Portable showers were also brought in, supplying shampoos and soap.

I was amazed at all the donations that came to the church for those in need.

We certainly do live in a very giving community. Thank you to all!

Ken and JoAnn Basile

Penn Valley

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