Keith Porter: Guns: are you listening, Mr. LaMalfa? |

Keith Porter: Guns: are you listening, Mr. LaMalfa?

Americans love their guns. I get it. I’ve always owned a gun.

But there is no possible justification for an assault-style weapon and high capacity magazines to be in the hands of a civilian. The only use for those weapons in civilian hands is to attack and destroy innocent people.

Yes, we should do more to help those with mental illness in our society, but in the context of another school massacre, that is a preposterous red herring. The relevant problem is that our legislators lack the courage to forego funding by the NRA and other groups in the gun lobby by enacting common-sense legislation to ban civilian ownership of assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines.

We must find and elect representatives with more guts and less willingness to listen to gun lobbyists.

Are you listening, Mr. LaMalfa?

Keith Porter

Grass Valley

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