Keith Jackman: Subdivisions making us another Roseville |

Keith Jackman: Subdivisions making us another Roseville

Subdivisions making us another Roseville

Regarding the proposed Gilded Spring subdivision located behind the Sierra Mountain Inn on West Main Street, developer Tobin Daughterty is proposing 27 modern homes be built on a part of Grass Valley’s historic downtown area.

This piece of land is the largest heritage property remaining in our historic district. This land has been used as a farm since 1864. It’s been a dairy farm, pear orchard and now an organic farm still in operation to this day. We have abundant wildlife which will sadly disappear.

This subdivision will provide another dangerous high-speed artery like Alta Street for traffic between Alta and West Main streets, especially during the morning and afternoon hours of operation of Lyman Gilmore, Scotten and soon to open, Yuba River Charter schools. City Planner Lance Lowe states no traffic study needed?

This spells doom for a small town! Too many subdivisions will make us another Roseville. We are pleading to you, the townspeople, to help put a stop to this. Your sacred nearby open land could be next. Please don’t allow the city to continue decimating our lovely, historic community just to fill their coffers!

Call “Citizens against Rosevilleization” at Grass Valley Wellness Center, 530-272-4848.

Keith Jackman and family

Grass Valley

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