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Kathy Greenwood: Why I am voting for Glenn Jennings

Mr. Jennings believes the job of a district attorney is “to seek justice, not merely to convict.” Evidence has proven Mr. Newell supports and/or ignores his assistant DA and deputy DAs, winning at any cost, including withholding evidence, unethical behavior and abuse of power.

Mr. Jennings is an experienced trial attorney who will take the lead on major cases and is able to mentor less-experienced attorneys. Mr. Newell admits he has not tried a single case while DA, and therefore unlikely able to mentor others.

Mr. Jennings does not use multiple felony accusations to achieve acceptance of a plea of a lesser charge. Mr. Newell encourages his attorneys to play that game.

Mr. Jennings, while ADA, was ordered by Mr. Newell to participate in an unethical action or be terminated. Mr. Jennings resigned.

This is our chance to bring desperately needed integrity to the Office of District Attorney. Please vote for Glenn Jennings.

Kathy Greenwood

Nevada City

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