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Kathy Cridge: The Union missed the mark with rally coverage

Wow, I think The Union really did a disservice in the reporting, or lack thereof, of the Rally for Families at the Brunswick Basin on Saturday.

First, there was nothing in the online feed at all, until Monday; the video spent the whole beginning of the piece talking to a State of Jefferson gentleman and a woman who seems to feel that the whole problem are white people with money. The truth is, that there were at most about 25 to 50 counter-protestors, while there were 300 to 500 people calling for an end to the separation of families.

While there were indeed a few negative gestures by those driving by, the bulk of people, including a semi-truck who blew his air-horn at us from the freeway, were positive thumbs up and peace signs. Even the top photo of the print edition was a counter-protest. I understand the desire to report fair and balanced, but the crowd was 10 to 1 in favor of keeping families together, and allowing asylum seekers to enter our country without fear of loosing their children.

In my opinion, The Union missed the mark on this story.

Kathy Cridge

Rough and Ready

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